Best Kodak Zi8 Replacement Battery Charger | kodak camera charger

Best Kodak Zi8 Replacement Battery Charger | kodak camera charger
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Kodak Zi8 Replacement Battery Charger

Kodak Zi8 Replacement Battery Charger

Product features

Product description

This compact rapid battery charger is designed to simply and safely charge your Kodak Zi8 camera battery within 2 hours.
It is supplied with switchable UK, European and US mains plugs allowing it be used in the UK as well as overseas (other locations will need a suitable travel adapter, not supplied). It also features a cable that allows charging within a car enabling you to use the charger on the move when mains power is not available.
The charger has a LED to indicate charging in process and changes colour to show when the battery is fully charged. It will charge Kodak branded batteries as well as equivalent non-branded replacement batteries. It includes short circuit and overload protection and will automatically detect different voltage inputs from around the world.
This charger will charge the following battery models: Kodak Klic-7004
– Simple to use clip-on UK plug for home use and European and USA plugs supplied for international travel
– Slim, lightweight design
– Smart charging LED indicator
– Automatically turns to trickle charge after full charge
– Short circuit and Overload protection
– Can charge on the road with supplied car charger cable

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